A Physician's Viewpoint...

 I am a doctor. So what do I know? I've attended medical school, endured residency, poured over textbooks and kept abreast of the latest scientific studies. But what do they know? I do physical exams, prescribe medications and perform surgery. Now what does that accomplish? Not every patient I treat is cured. Not every medicine I use works (and sometimes they have terrible side effects!) So why do people consider my practice as "conventional medicine" and acupuncture as "experimental" or "alternative" or "complementary" medicine?

True, there have been some amazing technological advances in the last 100 years. But the wisdom of the ancient Chinese healers has survived intact through the centuries as a valid, incredibly effective treatment without risk or side effects!

I have referred countless patients for acupuncture for fibroids, PMS, interstitial cystitis, breech babies and other gynecological and physical complaints. I have been very impressed with the improvement that most people see, especially in muscular-skeletal problems. So is it really important to explain the mechanism of why a remedy works, so long as a patient is cured?

We are daily discovering more scientific evidence to explain the energy theories and meridians used in acupuncture, just as we are uncovering new physiologic explanations of why old medicines such as aspirin are effective. So who among us really knows every detail of the human condition or our physical bodies?

There is no one perfect medical cure for every patient. Each person is an individual who must be assessed and presented with a choice of solutions. I am very privileged to work alongside a nutritionist, reiki therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist and other skilled providers. We each bring our own expertise to our patients in helping them reach their own personal best. None of us are any better than the others. Each has a unique healing ability.

I am personally and professionally impressed with the results of energy medicine such as acupuncture. I would highly encourage any person to strongly consider acupuncture as a valid choice.

With heartfelt sincerity,

Dr. Terri Vanderlinde

Dr. Theresa Vanderlinde is an OB-GYN practicing at My friends Gynecologist in Dover, NH. She has been in practice for over 20 years.


Hip Bursitis

I first met Netta M. Hart in mid-October of 2003 when having just about hit bottom with hip bursitis. I had had two injections of cortisone, as well as 11 physical therapy sessions between shots. Before going to an orthopedic surgeon, I felt I would give acupuncture a try as I did not want to consider surgery. In addition, in recent months I had lost all appetite for food, had taken on the symptoms of lactose intolerance and felt far older than my 63 years.

    After reviewing my medical history, Netta's first concern was to look carefully at all my medications, and specifically to get me off of an antibiotic that I had been taking for rosacea for 35 years. Not only did I stop that medicine, but I stopped all that I was on and began a regimine of calcium and assorted health food supplements. I have been a patient for four months and am happy to report that I am feeling greatly improved. I've been a challenge for her, as without motrin, my arthritis and a masked headache surfaced. We're never quite sure what to treat on a specific   Hip Bursitis

    I first met Netta M. Hart in mid-October of 2003 when having just about hit bottom with hip bursitis. I had had two injections of cortisone, as well as 11 physical therapy sessions between shots. Before going to an orthopedic surgeon, I felt I would give acupuncture a try as I did not want to consider surgery. In addition, in recent months I had lost all appetite for food, had taken on the symptoms of lactose intolerance and felt far older than my 63 years.

    After reviewing my medical history, Netta's first concern was to look carefully at all my medications, and specifically to get me off of an antibiotic that I had been taking for rosacea for 35 years. Not only did I stop that medicine, but I stopped all that I was on and began a regimine of calcium and assorted health food supplements. I have been a patient for four months and am happy to report that I am feeling greatly improved. I've been a challenge for her, as without motrin, my arthritis and a masked headache surfaced. We're never quite sure what to treat on a specific day! My bursitis has gone, my color has drastically improved, and I'm a cheerleader for her knowledge, treatment, personality and concern.

    I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends.

    A. Ross

    Stratham, New Hampshir




Quit Smoking...


Dear Netta,

It is now 2 months since I first met you and  received acupuncture to  stop smoking. As far a I can recall this is the longest I have been  without a cigarette in some 30 years. During the last 10 I have tried  all the methods available except for "the patch" and nothing worked.

I first saw your advertisement in the Portsmouth Hearld and thought "let's go for it"!

After speaking with you I decided it was time to do something about  quitting smoking. I called for my initial appointment to start  treatment. It took 6 sessions for me. It certainly was  tough but you helped me get through it with your understanding and  counseling. I thought it would be better that I waited a reasonable  length of time before writing this testimonial.

I am still working at it and will be for sometime. But I can honestly say acupuncture with Netta Hart has broken this habit for me.



Treatment For Sciatica And Rheumatoid Arthritis...

Netta Hart's treatments have helped me through menopause, sciatica and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I was suffering with severe pain in many joints and experienced severefatigue and stiffness. Daily activities were very difficult and sleep impossible without pain medication. I had been on RA medications that damaged my liver, kidneys and lungs so I had to stop taken them, leaving me desperatefor relief.

Since seeing Netta, my joint pain and problems are greatly improved. I sleep well and take only lbuprophen and Tylenol periodically.

I would and often have, highly recommend Netta Hart to my friends and family.

Thank you Netta for your concern and commitment.

Joyce Grossi, RN
Barrington, NH




Neuralgia Pain...

Dear Ms. Hart:

After suffering for eighteen months with acute neuralgia pain as an aftermath of shingles, I had tried everything to obtain relief before coming to you.

Now, after six weeks of acupuncture treatment by you, I am ninety percent free of pain and feel like a new person. I would like to recommend acupuncture to anyone who suffers similarly.

Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to the effectiveness of your treatment.

Raymond H. Gough


Stopped Smoking and So Much More...

I began my treatments with Netta Hart one week ago today and I cannot begin to describe to you just how well I feel after 3 treatments. My initial concern for beginning Acupuncture was smoking cessation but, because Netta treats all of your illnesses and concerns she began to also treat my constipation due to IBS, sinus problems, fatigue, endometriosis, a coated tongue, and extremely bad breath. After my first treatment I left Netta's office armed with herbs, a list of vitamins/mineraIs to supplement my diet and some suggestions for behavior modification such as eating less refined sugar and weaning myself off of caffeine. I am happy to say that I have not had a cigarette for 8 days, my tongue is no longer coated, my breath is wonderful for the first time in years, my bowels are moving normally again, I haven't had one sinus headache or had to take any antihistamines, and I have so much energy that I don't know what to do with it! If I had known how wonderful I would feel and how easy it was to stop smoking with Acupuncture I would have done it years ago.

Lauren Rollins
Nottingham, NH
May 9, 2003




PMS Treatment...

Sarah called me to ask if I knew how to treat PMS. She wanted me to let her know if I could not successfully treat this condition because she had recently seen three physicians without improvement. Sarah said that she prided herself in her parenting and coping skills, but for the past six months, she had been feeling out of control with PMS symptoms that were steadily worsening. She would become extremely irritable, even rageful toward her family. Though aware in the moment that her behavior was irrational, she felt powerless to stop herself, which then lead to feelings of remorse and self-recrimination. Sarah was desperate and looking for a “cure, not a band aid”. I assured Sarah that I would not waste her time and to please book an appointment for an acupuncture evaluation as soon as possible. She was in my office within the next few days.

Sarah’s PMS was a classic case of what we call in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) “liver blood deficiency”. Sarah had a history of excessive blood loss during her last delivery and it was after she stopped breast-feeding that the PMS developed. She was tired and craved sweets that lead to irritability and more fatigue. She follows a vegetarian diet. Although her blood workup was within normal limits, Sarah’s tongue was pale and purplish in color, and her pulses weak and thin. These diagnostic signs reveal “liver blood weakness” accompanied by “blood stagnation” responsible for the extreme irritability during her menstrual cycle. I sent Sarah home with two Chinese herbal formulas and dietary adjustments to address her disharmony. We began a course of acupuncture treatment the following week.
Sarah writes:

Within one week of treatment, I felt significant change. It’s been about three months now and I no longer fear losing control of myself each month. I’m still aware of my PMS tendencies so I monitor my diet, exercise, take the prescribed Chinese herbs, and get acupuncture treatment on a regular basis. The difference between then and now however, is like night and day. As grateful as I am for the treatment I have found, I am equally frustrated that other doctors I spoke with never mentioned or suggested I consider acupuncture treatment.

Sarah was able to gradually end her treatments. She continues to feel well.



Rheumatoid Arthritis...

JMT has been very powerful in relieving my rheumatoid arthritis pain.

When I met Netta, I ached all over, had no energy, felt like a walking zombie, and was on several toxic medications. I began gradually improving and was able to get off all medications after 3 months of treatment with Netta and probably could have gotten off the meds sooner.

I now feel energetic and well and have been able to start strength training. I am medication free and enjoy my life again. Thank you Netta. You are a terrific healer!

Best wishes to you always,



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Rheumatoid Arthritis...

Dear Ms. Hart:

Seeing as you explained to me that you were in the ongoing process of putting together a book of testimonials from clients, I am more than pleased if you could add my correspondence to your book.

My experience with acupuncture treatment has been phenomenal. I have gained weight, vastly improved my digestion and increased my energy and vitality through this process. I feel better today than I have for many years.

Believe me, I had serious reservations about acupuncture. It all seemed too mystical for me. So I really appreciate the fact that you told me how important it was for me to continue with my MD and my medication and to use acupuncture as an ancillary form of healing. It meant that I did not have to forsake one for the other, but rather, could integrate both into my health care regimen.

I know that you are not a medical doctor. But I must say that you explained the procedure with me step by step...much more detailed than my doctors have done. From the insertion of the needles (which to those of you newcomers here are totally painless so don't worry) to the process of moxibustion (again to you new-comers this process is one in which Netta gently heats the needles with an herb stick to increase the flow of energy and again is totally painless) and your take-home herbal remedies, your methods and practices were explained clearly, in great detail and also with a great deal of educational value.

I will continue my acupuncture treatments here with you, although the progress that I have made means that I will be seeing less of you. This is truly a sign of success and the curative nature of acupuncture.

I also laud your professionalism. You seem to be doing a service to the field of acupuncture by dismissing the mystical qualities, integrating acupuncture into a person's total health care, and imparting great amounts of information to your patients.

Thanks for being there to allow me to begin to feel better!


Scott E. Rixford


Relief from Allergies and Chronic Sinus Infections...

Joseph came to see me because he had been suffering from sinus problems accompanied by excruciating headaches and neck pain since boyhood. Joseph is now 73 years old. His energy has diminished this past year and he reports that he may be experiencing some depression.

Joseph’s diagnosis according to TCM is “Lung dampness with Spleen Qi deficiency”. Because the spleen in Chinese Medicine is intimately involved in digestion, a weakness of this organ can produce an over abundance of phlegm which can clog sinuses and lungs. I recommended that Joseph stop consuming dairy products and began treatment to “resolve dampness and strengthen lungs and spleen” through acupuncture and herbal therapy.

During the past few years, I’ve seen more and more patients suffering from chronic sinus infections or “sinusitis”. Many of them have been on multiple rounds of antibiotics and suffer side effects of decreased immune function such as recurrent colds and flu, chronic gastritis, diarrhea and chronic fatigue.

Joseph writes:

Thank you very, very much for helping me. Despite many tests and allergy shots, even surgery for a deviated septum and nasal polyps, lots of antibiotics and various medications, I never had more than one month of any real relief. I was always diagnosed with another sinus infection.

With your help and great expertise in acupuncture, I have not needed medication for clogged sinuses, puffy eyes, runny nose, severe headaches and neck pain or earaches since April of this year. Oh, what a relief it is!

Even my wife has noticed how seldom I talk about not feeling good anymore. My energy now is up to 100-110% and I can work as much as I want. My family keeps telling me to slow down! I have seen great results with acupuncture and feel a better, happier person for it. 




Allergy Suffering Relieved...

Dear Netta:

I'll bet by this time you think I have forgotten you but to the contrary.

Since I have been to you for several sessions, I only have had 2 minor allergy attacks and I came to you in my most troubled times.

I am leaving for Florida in a few days and I am sure I will not have any allergy attacks while I am there.

I want to thank you for all you have done for me and you can rest assured that if such time does come back and I need help I will certainly give you a call.

Thanks again for all you have done for me.

- Joanne Walsh


Chronic Back Pain Relieved...

Betty is a 68 yr old woman who has suffered from bouts of sciatica and painful knees for many years. Despite her pain, she has remained active and enjoys playing tennis. Betty is paying a higher price in pain for her activities and finds the pain slows her down.

When Betty came to see me, she was awakening with severe low back stiffness and pain and she couldn’t straighten up for several hours after getting out of bed. Her knees were swollen, weak, painful and “keep going out on me”. The sciatica pain “is the worst and wears me down. I’m tired much of the time now”. Her pain was constant and often intense.

Betty reports that after 10 acupuncture treatments, she now feels better than I have since I was 30 years old! I can’t believe it. My pain is gone. I get only twinges in my back now and then. Nothing really. My knee is fine too and feels stronger. Acupuncture is amazing.

Agatha is a 45-year-old woman suffering from neck, back and headache pain for the past twenty years. I’ve seen chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists for only temporary relief.

Agatha’s job requires her to sit all day at a desk and although her pain is reduced with regular walking, she feels her work and busy family schedule consume her energy all too often, leaving her little time for exercise.

Agatha reports that after 2-3 acupuncture visits, My pain is very much improved. After 5 visits, my pain is 100% better. I need tune-ups now and then but so what? I don’t have to live in pain anymore. And to all those people afraid of needles, I’m a big wimp and never imagined I would ever try acupuncture! But I was desperate so I decided to give it a try, and now it’s the best part of my week! The needles don’t hurt. I actually fall asleep during treatment and walk away feeling relaxed and with a sense of well being I haven’t known for a long time. I recommend Netta to everyone who needs pain relief.

From a TCM point of view, muscular-skeletal pain is viewed primarily in terms of energetic function of liver, kidney, qi and blood (as in blood circulation and blood quality). Our bodies suffer when these physical/energetic aspects are deficient or weakened. Acupuncture can actually restore organ and tissue strength. When combined with remedial effort from the patient, (as in dietary adjustments; often meaning less coffee and alcohol and appropriate exercise) acupuncture treatment can have lasting, healing benefit.


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Physical Therapist Finds Relief...

Why acupuncture? Why not?

When the medical professionals (including a neurosurgeon) tell me, a physical therapist, that there is no definitive explanation or treatment for my non-surgical condition, then the answers to chronic and unrelenting pain may lie outside the western form of diagnosis and usual treatment modalities.

What does acupuncture do for me?

It provides a huge reprieve from the energy drain of widespread and severe head, spine, hip and leg pain.

I feel buoyed forward and better able to cope with everyday challenges.

Do all acupuncturists treat conditions the same?

Definitely not.

I have seen more than one or two practitioners. Each acupuncturist has an individual style based on his or her education and life experience. After my eleven years of grappling with this level of constant pain, I have found that Netta Hart’s treatment is unparalleled when compared with any of the others I have experienced.

Does acupuncture take care of everything?

In concert with good nutrition, hydration, rest, exercise, relationships (inner and outer) and mental/emotional agility, there is no better professional help than acupuncture with Netta Hart.


Ruptured Disk Surgery Avoided...

 I am writing this letter to let anyone who suffers from lower back pain and the excruciating pain of sciatica know, that there is help.

I injured my back in August of 1991. We didn't have medical insurance so I didn't go to a doctor until December. I went then because that was when the pain started to shoot down my back into my leg.

I went from my family doctor to an orthopaedic surgeon, to a chiropractor, to a neurosurgeon. I read countless books about back pain. I tried all the nonsurgical back treatment. I tried spiritual healing. The only thing that helped to relieve the pain so I could perform my normal daily functions was large doses of aspirin.

I didn't want (nor could I afford) an operation - but I didn't want to continue taking so much aspirin. So, I decided to try acupuncture.

On my first visit, Netta told me that I was going to have to stop taking so much aspirin as it wasn't good for my body. I knew that, but I also knew that I couldn't bear the constant pain if I stopped. But, to my amazement, after the first treatment I was able to cut my daily dosage of aspirin in half. After the next two treatments I didn't need medication any more.

I have had only 13 treatments now and my chronic pain is gone. I no longer need to pop aspirin every four hours. I can bend to brush my teeth without pain. I can even sit! Since last December hadn't been able to sit down without pain (mornings were the worst) but now I can sit and bend (carefully) and lift (very carefully) without the agonizing pain.

My back is not completely healed yet (still can't tie my shoes very easily) but I believe that it is on its way to complete recovery with the help of Netta and her magic needles!

I praise the benefits of acupuncture to everyone now. It is truly remarkable. And to anyone afraid of needles (which I am) believe me they don't hurt. It is the most relaxing time of my week, lying on Netta's table, healing.....


Kris Oickle




Sciatica Success...

It was a crisp November evening when I noticed that my back was still somewhat sore from lifting boxes of books the month before. My back was steadily getting better~ until that November evening. I stood up after sitting for a little over an hour and could not feel my right leg at all. It felt icy cold to the touch, and when I walked I felt as if I were dragging a log of lead behind me. Thinking it was merely a circulation problem from sitting wrong, I took a hot shower and massaged it. It began to tingle. I went to bed thinking 1'd be fine the next morning.

When I awoke my leg was burning furiously. Then, when it wasn't burning it was tingling, and when it wasn't tingling, an intense pain radiated down the back of my leg stretching ITom my buttocks to my heel. Sitting was an impossibility-as was driving and finding any comfortable position. I was close to immobile. Doctor's visits, X-Rays, MRI's, and EMGs later I learned that I had ~sciatica neuropathy," stemming either from my back or a compressed nerve in my buttocks. It appeared to be the latter, whatever the causeI found no relief Any movement became unbearable, as it would increase the burning, numbness and pain. Doctors recommended lying on the floor and taking ibuprofen, assuring me that I would begin to feel better in 4-6 months. After a week of lying on the floor at home brought no relief I was discouraged. Quite frankly, I couldn't imagine doing that for 4-6 months! At a friend's recommendation I tried a massage, but that, too, did little to relieve my pain. The idea to try acupuncture popped into my head. I had never tried it before, but I knew it was supposed to be effective in alleviating a wide variety of problems. "Maybe it could help me," I thought. So, I asked around. People in my graduate program told me it helped them with their migraines. My sister-in-law, a trapeze artist, told me several miraculous stories about acupuncture's healing effects on her body. I was sold-though I should mention that I was not a big fan of needles, and was a bit apprehensive (okay, a lot apprehensive).

I located and made an appointment with Netta Hart, whom 1'd heard wonderful things about. Her compassion and competence immediately put me at ease. She assured me that I could benefit from acupuncture. I was astonished to discover that the needles were painless and that lying there with all those needles was actually quite comfortable. The biggest surprise came when somewhere near the middle of my first treatment, I felt my entire body relax. You see, I have been incredibly anxious and tense over the past two years. Where panic attacks and muscle tension had been my norm for so long, this sense of complete relaxation was totally foreign to me (and I loved it!) So, there I was in the middle of my first treatment feeling better than I had in two years. At that point I didn't even care if my sciatica pain went away or not, I was just so ecstatic to be feeling relaxed!

When I got off the table I noticed a marked improvement in my discomfort. Netta told me that people sometimes feel a little worse and then they start to feel better, but if I had any questions to call and she'd be happy to talk with me and see what we could do. That evening my muscles were sore and my anxiety was unbearable -- I recognized it as a "healing crisis" and knew that it was a good sign.

For the next two days I continued to feel better and better. I returned for my second appointment. Again I found blissful relaxation, but this time when I got offthe table I was completely pain free! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be standing there without the burning, tingling, and shooting pain!

The pain did return after sitting, and driving was still uncomfortable, but I noticed that over the course of the next several treatments my pain would clear up faster. I would leave pain free, and after sitting the pain would return. . . but instead of lasting for literally one full week, it would last a day, then an evening, then hours, then only minutes and it would be gone! I could even walk and do low impact aerobics again! Compared to lying immobile on the floor this was nothing short of miraculous-and I was excited! It had only been 5 treatments and I was well on my way to healing.

The very best thing about my acupuncture treatments is that they have made me feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. Ravaged by ten years of severe anorexia, my body has felt weak to me-even after 5 years of being recovered. Before I saw Netta I always felt on the verge of succumbing to some illness. It's difficult to describe, but it was a very disconcerting feeling. Something like feeling weak and sickly all the time.. . despite eating right, exercising moderately and taking nutritional supplements. I had been worried and discouraged about it for a long time. But now that feeling is completely GONE. I was walking one day and suddenly became aware of how strong I felt... it was the best feeling in the world! I never thought I would ever feel that way again. In fact, doctors told me that I wouldn't-but there I was feeling healthy and strong thanks to Netta's healing touch.

With acupuncture treatments combined with cupping, moxa or electricity I continued to heal over 5 more sessions. My panic attacks, which were once a daily occurrence for me, are now completely gone. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had one. My muscles are no longer tense, my shoulders are relaxed, I feel stronger and... are you ready for this? I can sit and drive again! I am almost completely pain free all the time. I have had 10 treatments and the improvement is nothing short of remarkable. I have no doubt that after another treatment or two I will be back up to 100% (and I haven't been there in over fifteen years!)

Netta's compassionate, healing touch has done wonders for me and I would not hesitate to tell anyone to go to see her. She can work miracles. Her gentle manner and warm heart will ease anyone's apprehension. Remember when I said I wasn't a big fan of needles? I'm now a big fan of Netta's needles!

Monika Ostroff


Tendonitis Cured...

I remember sitting in the waiting room with tears in my eyes. What on earth was going to happen if this didn't work, I thought as I read through the scrapbook of testimonials from people who acupuncture had helped. Previously, t enjoyed backpacking on every weekend and vacation. It seemed that I slept more nights of the month in a tent or lean-to than in my own bed. As a volunteer, my spare time was spent tending my adopted trail, and I had become responsible for the maintenance of 32 miles of trails in the White Mountain National Forest. To say that I enjoyed hiking was an understatement.

On August 2, 1994 on the tenth day of a backpacking trip I injured my ankle. The ankle wouldn't bear any weight without pain and I had a constant shooting pain like someone was driving a nail into it. At first, the emergency room doctor said I had a sprained ankle, so 1 hobbled around on crutches for a week with no improvement. Later, an orthopedic specialist diagnosed me with tendonitis and told me I couldn't hike for 5 weeks. At the end of these 5 weeks I had physical therapy three times a week for two months, all with no imptovement or relief from the pain. Finally, 4 months after my injury I underwent a bonescan which showed that there was still an inflammation of the tendon. It was evident that the fibers of the tendon had been torn and then aUowed to heal incorrectly. I can remember that I sometimes wished t could cut my leg off because the pain was so severe. The next course of action was to have cortisone injected into the tendon to reHeve the inflammation. After my injection, the doctor told me to let him know how I was doing in about three months. Unfortunately, I was pain free for only one day, not the three months as he had hoped. The next step was surgery, however, I had just found out that I was pregnant. It seemed that acupuncture was my only hope.
I received three acupuncture treatments, after which I backpacked (for my fifth month of pregnancy) from Georgia to North Carolina on the Appalachian Trail. I went back for two more treatments and my ankle has been pain free ever since. I continued hiking and backpacking throughout my pregnancy. I cannot thank everyone at Acupuncture Health Services enough. They have given me back a part of my life that, for me, would have been impossible to live without.

For this I am eternally grateful.


Donna Brigley-Savluk




Balance Restored, Tinnitus Relieved...

My first visit to Netta Hart, recommended by my chiropractor, was in April 1998. At this time my gait had not been normal for over a year. I walked with a left-to-right imbalance.

Two months before my first visit I developed Tinnitus in my right ear. An ear specialist stated this affliction is a lifetime disease.

As a result of acupuncture treatments, my imbalance has ceased, giving me the joy of walking normally again.

The "siren" sound in my ear is gone and only on very rare occasions do I experience a slight degree of the former problem.

With her wise guidance and support Netta has helped me work to release inner conflicts and stress. Previous to April 1998, my family physician had recommended psychiatric help. I did not feel this was an option for me.

I wish I had met Netta over a year ago, but life has its time and reasons for all matters. God shows us to be patient and I am thankful for the results.

Bless you, Netta

Cellie Bolduc

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