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Effective Treatment for Autoimmune Disorders

Many patients are coming to this office seeking acupuncture treatment for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Crohn's Disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. These diseases can be extremely disabling and some are potentially fatal. They are classified as autoimmune disorders because they are viewed by the medical community as conditions where the body mysteriously attacks itself. Autoimmune diseases are suspected of being caused by inflammation and destruction of tissues by the body's own antibodies. It is not known why the body should lose the ability to distinguish between substances that are "self" and those that are "non-self".

Typical treatment involves the use of drugs with varying degrees of effectiveness and toxicity. These drugs do not "cure" the underlying cause of the disorder but mask the symptoms or suppress the immune system in order to keep the antibodies under control. The side effects of these drugs can be seriously toxic to organs, especially to the kidneys and liver.

I have treated many persons with autoimmune disorders during sixteen years as an acupuncturist and have found acupuncture treatment to be helpful in several ways. It has helped reduce pain therefore increasing function and quality of life. Acupuncture treatment can protect and strengthen organs and tissue thereby reducing the side effects of toxic drugs. Acupuncture also reinforces the body's healing force to help the entire system strengthen. This article is not about traditional acupuncture treatment.


Is this marvelous, miraculous creation we call the body truly capable of attacking itself? Is this a reasonable assumption for a system designed to balance and restore itself?

Or would it be far more reasonable that the immune system is attacking something it recognizes as "other" and is destroying tissue, bone and anything else in it's path of attack? And that this "other" we will call a "pathogen" is cleverly hiding and frantically reproducing itself in an attempt to survive?

This is the hypothesis of a brilliant new system of treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and energetic theory. It has been used with the most tenacious and difficult to treat immune disorders and has produced remarkable results. It is more effective than any other modality I've seen in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, figbromyalgia, chromic fatigue, Crohn's Disease and Lupus. It is nearly 100% effective in eliminating the pain of oesteoarthritis.

This treatment technique is aimed at deactivating the pathogen(s) responsible for the disease process, and then rebuilding affected tissue, organs, glands and blood. It is completely non-invasive. There are no needles or skin piercing instruments involved. Positive results have been seen within a few visits.

Lupus Responding

Jill is a 50 year-old woman who was diagnosed with Lupus in April of this year. She is physical education teacher. Jill has enjoyed sports all her life and is especially active in tennis, hiking and skiing. Her symptoms began in March with swelling and severe pain in the joints of her hands and knees that, along with exhaustion, kept her in bed much of the time. After taking prednisone, Jill developed a rash that eventually covered her arms, thighs and chest. Boils developed on her buttocks that have resisted treatment. Her drug regimen included Azathioprine, a chemotherapy agent.

Jill came into our office this August with all of the above complaints and more. Her hands felt burned and very painful. Her arms were very painful and her left hand tingled constantly. The soles of her feet felt irritated and tender, which made walking longer than 10 - 15 minutes nearly impossible. Fatigue was still pronounced though less than it had been at onset. Hot flashes kept her awake at night.

Tongue and pulse diagnosis reveals Jill's tongue to be deep red, purple and peeled in appearance, with thick yellow patches at the back of her tongue. These signs are indicative of retention of dampness and heat stagnation.

Her pulses were fast, slippery and full indicating heat and dampness.

According to TCM diagnosis, Jill is suffering from heat resulting in blood dryness and from fixed, damp bi (type of arthritis) syndrome.

Treatment is aimed at cooling heat, resolving dampness and moving obstruction.

Jill reports that after 3 treatments, she was feeling significantly more energetic and optimistic. After 6 visits, she is sleeping well, her muscle and joint pain is reduced by 40% and she no longer needs naps during the day. The redness on her arms and hands has visibly faded. Her hands and feet no longer burn and she can walk longer distances. On the advice of her medical doctor, Jill has discontinued chemotherapy and has reduced prednisone intake. She is sleeping well and hot flashes are relieved.

On her eighth visit, Jill reports that the sores on her hands and buttocks are beginning to heal. Her energy continues to improve and she is having more good days than bad ones.

Jill states that "these treatments are giving me back my life. And they are painless to boot."

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